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Computer Guided Surgery

Precision implant placement guaranteed

Computer Guided SurgeryThanks to advances in modern dentistry, implants can be planned and placed with high levels of accuracy. For patients this means less time spent in the dental chair and quicker recovery after procedures. At Cranmore we pride ourselves in being one of the Leading Dental Centres of the World and have invested in the very best technology to offer advanced treatments to our patients.

  • With the help of digital technology, guided implant surgery has become a proven method of success for placing implants, and we are delighted to offer it here at Cranmore.

Once a three-dimensional x-ray is taken of the patient’s jaw, these detailed images are loaded into advanced software, which the team uses to plan the implant placement virtually. Then a clear plastic surgical stent is created, which is designed to fit on top of the patient’s teeth, with holes where the implants will be placed in the jaw. This improves the precision of the placement as well as patient comfort during the procedure.

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