Dental Implants in Belfast

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Dental Implants

Missing teeth? Ill-fitting dentures? Cranmore has the solution for your oral problems. We offer dental implants in Belfast to ensure your teeth replacements have a strong foundation. We provide a complete care approach to achieve the best results for your smile.

Implants offer the following benefits for your oral health:

  • Support for restorations - No need to apply dental adhesives to keep your dentures or bridge in place; teeth implants will serve as artificial roots for support.
  • Natural-looking smile - The implants work like your original teeth, giving you a natural-looking smile with your restorations.
  • Long-term oral health - No alterations required for adjacent teeth, leaving more of your original teeth intact for long-term oral health.
  • Multiple replacements - Whether you need to replace one or multiple teeth, implants can cover your dental needs.
  • No discomfort when chewing - Dentures or bridges suddenly slipping off during meals will not be a cause for worry with implants.
  • Improved facial features - With the added support from artificial tooth roots, you can avoid facial sagging and enhance your features.
  • Lasting solution - Made of biocompatible titanium posts, implants are durable and can last for many years.

Developing Your Treatment Plan

Cranmore dentists offer a personalised approach when it comes to our implant procedure. We discuss your dental treatment plan for successful results.

Schedule an appointment with our dentists to know more about dental implants in Northern Ireland.