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Case Studies

All the photos on this page are of our own real patient cases.

Patient Case 1

  Patient fell of bike and knocked front tooth out.
Treatment Provided : Single implant and front crown

Patient Case 2

Treatment Provided :

- Gum Treatment
- x2 Lateral window sinus grafts
- Eight upper dental implants
- Twelve tooth implant retained bridge

Patient Case 3

Treatment Provided :

- Hygienist Treatment
- Zoom Advanced Power Whitening
- Gingival Recontouring
- Ten Upper Veneers/Crowns

This patient has been provided with an enhanced brighter and whiter smile.

Patient Case 4

  Treatment Provided:


- Six dental implants.
- Bone grafting
- 10 tooth implant retained bridge

Patient Case 5

  Treatment Provided:


Full rehabilitation of a patients teeth.
Open bite due to wear to create room for new crowns.
- 19 crowns
- Three tooth bridge
- Three dental implants
- Three implant retained crowns

Patient Case 6


Treatment Provided: Single lower implant and crown

Patient Case 7

Patient Case 8

Patient Case 9

Patient Case 10

Testimonial from Dr. Oliver Hunter

I have just completed a prolonged course of treatment for replacement of existing teeth with dental implants and a retained bridge.  This involved 4 extractions, 1 diagnostic wax-up and surgical stent, 2 sinus lifts, 6 dental implants and a retained porcelain bonded bridge (10 teeth).

My first appointment was in Oct 2007 and extended over a period of 10 months with approximately 10 appointments at which time the porcelain bridge was in situ.

I got to know David well and was impressed with his clinical and surgical skills.  As you are aware a number of the procedures are lengthy and somewhat traumatic but all were performed with no pain and the minimum of discomfort.  I was kept informed at all times about what was going on at the clinical level which I appreciated very much.

At the first consultation besides the verbal information I was given a comprehensive document explaining the various sequential procedures all of which was easily understood.  The reception waiting room and surgery were welcoming as were all the staff.  I was also impressed by the technical equipment.

At the personal level I found David meticulous and patient.  I asked him did he like what he was doing and he said rather reluctantly that he loved his work.  In this I got the impression that he felt he was somewhat out of the line with some of his colleagues who did not necessarily like what they did.  Personally I would not want to attend any Professional who was not interested in their work.  I would have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone contemplating dental implants.
Testimonial from Kevin Garvey

'You are so buck toothed'. That was what was said to me one night 10 years ago after a row with my girlfriend.  The seed was sown for my closed mouth in pictures and half smiling.

I played a lot of rugby and my mother always wanted me to get braces but braces were for sissys and I thought at a young age.

Years later it got to me and I decided to do something about it at any cost.  I had done a lot of research on the web and rang around a lot of dentists.  Some were full up and not taking any new patients, some told me they would do it but it would be 6 months.  Also in the before and after pictures, no one looked like my mouth as they were all mild cases.

I clicked on Bangor West and sent an email, i got a reply in 3 days with a package.  I phoned up and made an appointment.  I thought Bangor was not too far from me, it turned out to be a 5 hour drive.

I met David and he checked me out and for the first time in my life, I knew this job was sorted.  He explained the procedure well and was very honest about everything.  The staff were excellent and to be honest for the amount of work I got done, it was painless enough.

I got a phone call the day after to make sure everything was alright. So with all the dentists in Ireland and between Belmullet Co Mayo and Bangor Co Down, a 250 mile trip each way, I would not go anywhere else for my dental needs.  Just look at my before and afters. A picture tells a thousand stories, so I don't have to say anymore.

Thanks to David and all the great staff I got my life back on track big time.

Testimonial from Ian Hemmingway

I knocked two of my front teeth out playing rugby in March '08. I needed both extracted and dental implants fitted. I visited a dentist in Dublin who quoted me double the price that I received in the treatment package I took with Dr. Nelson. Initially my reasons for choosing the Clinic were the value for money and its reputation. My online research pointed to the Clinic being one of the top surgeries in Northern Ireland.

From day one I was very impressed with the facilities, professional approach and friendliness at the practice. At first the process of having my front teeth removed and replaced made me nervous. Any apprehension disappeared after my first consultation with Dr. Nelson. Everything was explained and executed very thoroughly. Dr. Nelson and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.

I could not have been happier with the results and treatment process. After my implants were complete I elected to have some further dental work done. The only time I had to disagree with Dr. Nelson was when it came to team selection for the next Irish rugby international!

Testimonial from Andrea Bateman

When I was a teenager my teeth became discoloured due to long term antibiotics I was prescribed for acne.  This has made me very self conscious all of my adult life and I have been saving for a long time in order to finally have a smile makeover.

David Nelson was my second private consultation, recommended by my local dentist, Dr Ian McNutt.

From my first consultation, I knew he was the right dentist for me - he was courteous and pleasant but what really impressed me was the fact that he took the time to really listen to my worries and concerns.  He explained the proposed procedure so clearly and simply, using his computer to illustrate and answer all of my questions.

I was particularly nervous regarding having implant treatment, as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have a very low pain threshold.  He assured me, he would do everything possible to make the procedure as painless as possible, but also realistically explained the situation regarding bone grafts, etc.

I left the surgery feeling very confident that I would be in good hands.  I had numerous treatments to be done - 3 dental implants, 1 implant retained bridge (3 units), 1 implant retained crown, 1 bone graft and 6 porcelain bonded crowns.

Throughout all my treatment, David has been consistently brilliant!  he comes personally to greet you in the waiting room - he is always pleasant, never hurried.  You know from the minute you see him that you have his complete, undivided attention throughout your appointment.  Nothing is too much trouble - he tops up my pain relief at the slightest discomfort and I can honestly say that I have never felt more relaxed in a dentist's chair.

David Nelson in my opinion deserves the 'Oscar' for Dentistry.  he is not only a very qualified, talented dentist but he absolutely loves his work and it shows.  His personal manner, people skills, caring and considerate nature all add up to make him one of the very best in his profession.  He also has a great team working along side him and it is a pleasure to visit the surgery.

I was so delighted with the final result of my upper teeth and implants that I am now in the process of having my lower teeth cosmetically enhanced to match - 8 crowns and veneers, 3 unit bridge, 4 porcelain inlays and amalgam replacements.

I have the temporaries in now and if all goes well I will have my complete new smile on 12th September 2008.

Yes, it has been expensive.  Worth it? Absolutely.  The confidence it gives me to be able to smile unselfconsciously is 'Priceless'.  I just wish I'd been able to afford it all 20 years ago - but then I wouldn't have met David Nelson, so, sometimes the best is worth waiting for.

Words cannot express my gratitude or appreciation for the expertise, skill, patience, kind and caring manner in which David has dealt with me throughout this transformation period.  My perfectionist personality makes me a challenge for any dentist but David just smiles!

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Patient Case 11

Testimonial from Anne O'Neill

I first consulted David Nelson in August 2007 with a view to having dental implantation and bridgework carried out.

Having made an assessment, David Nelson decided that I was a suitable candidate for such procedures.  I had been wearing dentures for almost forty years and, as a result, needed a bone graft in my upper jaw before the implants could be inserted.  David Nelson commenced treatment in October 2007 and completed work in July 2008.  This work involved the insertion of four implants in the front upper jaw and bridgework on both sides of the same jaw.

I am absolutely delighted with the finished product which is both extremely comfortable and aesthetically perfect - something I always wished for but didn't think possible especially given the fact that I am 61 years of age.

I can safely state that I never once experienced any pain throughout the long treatment sessions which I feel is a testament to David Nelson's expertise and great consideration for his patients' comfort.

I cannot commend David Nelson enough for his professionalism, skill and dedication and I sincerely thank him and his staff for their unfailing courtesy and kindness to me throughout.

Patient Case 12

Two new veneers on upper central front teeth. Patient wanted them to blend in with her natural teeth

Patient Case 13

Treatment Provided :

- Single implant and crown to replace eye tooth

Patient Case 14

Treatment Provided :

- Two sinus bone grafts
- Six dental implants
- Bridge to replace upper teeth




Patient Case 1


Patient Case 2


Patient Case 3