Bone Grafting And Sinus Lifts

Implant dentistry is a clinically proven and effective solution for patients who are missing some or all of their natural teeth. Individuals may require some additional preparation in their jaws to create the right foundation in which implants can be securely placed.

When there are no teeth in a jaw, the bone and surrounding tissues begin to disappear over time. If this occurs, there may not be sufficient levels of bone to place an implant. Fortunately, science has advanced a great deal in this area and there are two solutions that can correct the problem of bone loss.

A bone graft procedure can be performed to bulk up the area where an implant needs to be placed using artificial bone chips or harvested bone that will mesh into the jaw and blood vessels over a period of time.

A sinus lift can be performed if there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw by extending into the sinus cavity above the jaw and pack bone graft material in there.

In both cases there will be a period of waiting before implants can be placed into the site, once an adequate bone density level is achieved.

Advanced x-rays and treatment planning software is used at Cranmore to ensure the quality and accuracy of all dental implant and grafting procedures.

Cranmore Dental Belfast has extensive knowledge and experience in grafting procedures prior to implant placement and together with the team can offer you a safe and long lasting solution for missing teeth.

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